What does it mean to be gluten free?

What does it mean to be gluten free?

I’ve been curious about gluten free for some time now, so I hit up Cate Valinote creator of the blog Capiphany to find out all about it. How does this young blogger with a passion for fashion know about gluten free you ask? Well, she’s not a doctor or nutritionist, she was diagnosed with celiac when she was about 18 months old.
To learn more about Cate check her out her awesome blog at: http://www.capiphany.com/

Thanks Cate for being here today!

1. I know gluten free is a big trend at the moment, but what does it really mean to be gluten free?
Even though eating gluten free has become more popular these past few years, there is a big difference between eating gluten free because you choose to as opposed to when you have to. Being gluten free benefits my health because it not only forces me to be more aware of what I’m eating, but it also is what my body naturally needs! Since I can’t digest wheat, barley, or die, I’m always reading labels and must have a complete understanding of the ingredients in my food.

2. How did you find out you had Celiac’s?
I actually ate gluten food for a little while before I was diagnosed with celiac. When I was around a year and a half, however, I got a double ear infection from a cold, and this triggered my gluten intolerance. It took about three months of sickness until the doctors diagnosed me, since celiac wasn’t as well known as it is now.

3. What are your biggest challenges being gluten free?
My biggest challenges being gluten free usually have to do with eating at social gatherings. Sometimes it is difficult to explain why I can’t eat the same thing as everyone else or have to make such a specific order in restaurants, but it is worth it if I get to stay healthy!

4. Does your family eat gluten free, and if not how do you handle mealtimes?
My family eats gluten free most of the time. However, of course they have their non-gluten free snacks and breads.

5. I’ve noticed a ton of gluten free products at the supermarket in the past few years, they certainly make Passover more delicious. 🙂 Any products you can’t live without?
After years of trying different breads of all sorts, I have to recommend Udi’s whole grain bread. I also went to England over the summer, and I had the best gluten free food there. All the food I had in England was from Simply Free:http://www.simply-free.co.uk/

6. I’ve seen haircare and skincare products that are gluten free now, do you need to use those?
I don’t focus too much on gluten free haircare and skincare products, but if it obviously indicates that it has gluten, I won’t buy it!

7. Which restaurant has the best gluten free menu and why?
My family doesn’t eat out a lot, but when everyone wants to get pizza, we get it from Fresh Brothers. They have the best gluten free crust.

8. I imagine like being a vegetarian, eating in other people’s homes can be an issue…any advice for the hostess?
My advice for the hostess would be to relax! I feel awful when the hostess feels awful about trying to make sure I am taken care of! When in doubt, I can always have fruits and veggies!

9. Any advice to someone who is new to a gluten free diet?
Being new to the gluten free diet can be tough, but it also can be a great way to know what is in your food. There are so many more gluten free options now, so don’t worry!

10. Can you share your favorite gluten free vegetarian recipe with us?
I am totally a breakfast person, so I always am making gluten free banana almond pancakes to have in the fridge to keep me going throughout the week. All you need is 1 egg, 1 mashed banana, almond flour, almond milk, some melted butter, and a pinch of salt. I never have exact measurements for the fIour as opposed to the almond milk, but I add more milk if I’d like them to be like crepes and more flour if I’d like a more dense pancake. These pancakes are a great source of protein and are a great way to start the day!

Thank you so much Cate for taking the time to interview with me!

When I talk about gluten free being a trend, this is what I mean (watch the videos for a good laugh!):

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2624293/Do-know-gluten-The-gluten-free-people-explain- intolerance-diet.html

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